Another Week, Another Country to Run In

After a weekend of travel and a little upset stomach (boo) I am getting back out on the roads around Clew Bay on the west coast of Ireland. We are here visiting family and I love this area for running. Last time I was here I ran up a Crough Patrick, but I think I’ll probably give that a miss at this time of year. Temperature-wise it is very similar to the US and there’s a little sun peeking through today.

As I’m still recovering from being sick I just did a quick 3.75 mile run to get my body moving. It was lovely. I ran to the beach and along a section of it until the sea cut me off from running further. The surface is mainly rocks rather than sand so it wasn’t difficult running other than keeping an eye open for holes. I also went down to the Abbey ruins and back through the village of Murrisk.

I’m looking forward to getting some longer runs in over the coming days now that my body has recovered.


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