Last Run in Ireland recap and a Quick Cross-Training Bike Ride

On Friday morning I managed to get in a last quick run around Clew Bay in Ireland. I did a short 4.5 miler and stopped to visit a few places; father-in-laws grave site, St. Patrick’s statue at the foot of Crough Patrick, and the fisherman’s memorial. The idea was just to run off the rather too many ginger nut biscuits that were eaten during the week. I’m not entirely sure that I achieved this, but it was better than not doing anything at all! Visiting the UK is dangerous for any diet as you tend to revisit all your old favourite foods and try to get as many of them stuffed in as your visit will allow. Thankfully my weight gain was just a few pounds.

By Sunday I was back in the US and ready for an early morning bike ride to get in some cross-training. The weather forecasts predicted a chilly 27F with 23F real feel… But it clearly wasn’t quite that cold. I traded up into my full-on winter riding gear and cheated by driving to the starting point (rather than riding as is my normal M.O.). It was pretty cold out there and only one other person turned up for the entire ride. Breakfast at the turn around point is always good and the Gingerbread Pancakes never fail to hit the mark. Yum.

Time to scale up the running again in preparation for a Boxing Day run (2 half marathons in a day) and then a half marathon for the end of the year.


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