Trying to Get My *Stuff* Together

I didn’t want to swear in the title but I am trying to get my shit together across my running and riding plans.

The weather is cold currently (40F) but perfect for riding to work without breaking a sweat; I just have to ‘man up’ and get back out on the road rather than crawling into my four wheeled cocoon each morning.

Any way, today I did a relatively fast five miler to try and get my legs moving after the cross-training yesterday, and then ride to the office afterwards.

Good negative splits on run and it was fun to hit the trails so early today as no one was around. I guess they are taking their time recovering from the thanksgiving holiday.

My pace varied from 8:45 warm up mile to 7:19 last mile.


One thought on “Trying to Get My *Stuff* Together

  1. Doggy's Style

    You are not alone, I battle every morning to leave my comfy bed and face the humid and cold riverside. If it wasn’t because the dog needs to go out I’d stay in bed.
    I haven’t touched my bike since August, it has a huge layer of dust.


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