Bite-Sized Marathon Pace Sandwich

When you have a running plan it helps you to know what you can invest on each day of the week. Thus I know that tomorrow I have to do my long distance run and should not put too much out there today.

I’ve had to shift my schedule around slightly to allow my wife to do her preparations for a half-marathon on Saturday.

So, today I ran a bite-sized marathon pace sandwich with a half mile warm up and then three miles of marathon pace running, followed by a half mile cool down. This worked out well; my first half was 9:24 pace, my next was 8:27, the rest were in the 7:20 through 7:40 range, with the cool down at 7:53. I still felt like I had plenty of strength in my legs which is good because I intend to ride to/from work again today. The overall average for the run was 7:59 pace but that’s pretty good given that slow start!

This was quite a good format for a run so I’d encourage others to try it even on short runs. It gets your body used to differentiating between different paces.

My arms and legs felt strong today. My legs definitely were stronger in the pick up after having a day off cycling so I hope today’s exploits don’t impact my run tomorrow too much. Time will tell…


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