Time Travel For Runners

I thought I’d post a quickie about the advantages I found from the recent European trip and time zone changes.

When I’m in the US I generally get up at 5am so that I can get out and run before my wife has to do her morning run. This takes a bit of getting used to and is harder in the winter months, but works out well. Then, when you travel to Ireland on vacation where they are 5 hours ahead of us, if you get up at a more lazy 8 am (as you are on holiday after all!) this essentially makes the time difference between the two locations as just 2 hours. This is far more manageable and means that you have hardly any adjustment at all.

Then you get the real advantage… When you return back to the US your body will easily fall into the 5 am wake up as it feels like that is a lay in. This last week has been super easy to get up and out because of this.

I just wanted to illustrate that with a little planning you can sometimes use time zone changes to your advantage while you are travelling. It doesn’t always have to be about suffering and trying to catch up with your sleep.

Do remember that travelling on a plane does rob you of a lot of water due to the dry air on board the plane. So you’ll have to hydrate more over the first three or four days, but that’s never a bad thing to have to do.

Yesterday I ran my long slow distance run for the week and managed to clock a twelve and a half miler with a reasonable pace of 8:33 which is right where I want it to be for those types of runs. The course was an old favourite of mine that has quite a lot of hills (3139 ft of climbing) and runs through part of the lovely Evansburg State Park. Unfortunately it was too dark to take in much more than the potholes immediately in front of you but I still like running through there and listening to the sounds of the river and wildlife.


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