Bite-Sized Marathon Pace Sandwich #2

After 5 days off running due to a combination of single-parenting (wife went away to run half-marathon in Delaware with her girlfriends, plus a snow day), I finally got out for a quick run.

There’s more snow due today and supposed to start around 7am so I got out early. It is amazing how strong your legs feel after a short time off. Wow. I felt like I could run that pace forever!

I found that strangely my arms were out of sync with my legs. They say that if you speed up your arms your legs will naturally follow; well, that didn’t happen to me today. It was quite an odd sensation.

Anyway, my first half mile was at a 7:52 pace, then the next four miles were at a 7:30 pace (+-2 secs). I thought I eased up for the last half mile but the stats don’t seem to show that, so that is also a little stranger. It certainly felt easier for the last half mile!

A good run today and I only slipped on ice one time.

Yesterday my new mapmyrun SPI (small personal items) belt arrive so I loaded it up with lights and ran with that today. It is significantly smaller and lighter than the bottle holder belt that I normally run with. It is also partly elastic so it grips more. I quite like it and for my shorter run (through 10 miles) where I don’t need to carry water it will be an improvement. Given that it was basically free because I earned a $15 coupon from answering a questionnaire for them, I’m happy with it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bite-Sized Marathon Pace Sandwich #2

  1. Doggy's Style

    I found nice fuel belt years ago, for 2 small bottles and a little pocket that fits the iPhone perfectly, even tho it wasn’t intended for that. When I got it iPhone wasn’t even out.
    I though I had lost it and almost went crazy, but found it.
    A nice fuel belt it’s always appreciated.
    I gotta start filling those surveys and questionnaires.

    1. pauldburton Post author

      This new belt doesn’t have any bottle holders, but I have my original one for that and don’t really need them much at this time of year.

      At the time I didn’t know the survey would earn me a reward. It was a nice surprise. 🙂


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