Now That’s What I Call Cold!

It’s all about preparation. Know what you are going out in and dress appropriately.

The forecast for this morning was 17F with a real-feel of 7F. Yes, you read that right. 7F. That is -13.8 Celcius if you are that way inclined. What an arctic blast!

The biggest danger in those temps is black ice on the surface of the road. You have to run further away from the edge, many of the sidewalks/pavements have not been cleared so you have to run above the frost line on the road camber.

If you get out early this isn’t normally a problem, but as traffic picks up the drivers get picky about sharing the road with a runner.

I did 9.3 miles today with a pace of 8:11 (back to my pre-blogging pace) but this was my ‘long run’ given the temps. By the end I started to feel the cold getting through to my butt cheeks.

I wore:
Ski underwear lower and upper (long johns and long sleeve top)
Normal shorts
Cold weather cycling gloves (which were too much and I had to take then off a couple of times)
A running t-shirt
A bright running jacket (wind proof)
A balaclava to keep my head warm.

This seemed to do it for me as I was warm and toasty through the run until my butt started to get cold at the 7 mile mark, but that was tolerable.

I will also say that the day was clear and there was no snow falling so visibility was good. If it was snowing I probably would have sought out a trail rather than running on the roads.

Here’s a quick spot the difference for you:

20131211-070617.jpgWhich one is Frosty the Snowman?


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