A Few Updates in which I Run, Wear Out Shoes, Cycle in Snow and Run Again.

It feels like a long time since I updated this but in reality it has only been two days off. So many things to report on though.

Firstly I got up early on Monday to do a quick run ‘hot on the heels’ of the Sunday 12 miler. It felt okay which is good because it is only a week to my Second Annual Boxing Day Double half-marathon.

After the run I noticed that my shoes were really worn down. Yes, the shoes I started running in on the 19th November and just 106 miles ago! On the toe box at the sides they are completely worn through to the soft plastic.


20131218-062748.jpgThis is the sort of wear I usually see after 450 miles. So, I contacted the good people at Brooks and sent them some pictures of my shoes, and they are going to send me replacements (hurrah)! My concern is that they said there were signs of ‘over correction’ on the shoe. Has my new mid-foot running style changed the support that I need from my shoe? I guess it is possible, but I assumed that I would still need the same support because my arches are still as flat as a pancake regardless of the way I run. I think I shall take this pair to a decent running shop and try to get some gait analysis done. Perhaps I need to change shoe types after 6+ years.

I also noticed that I seem to have an infected big toe (no pictures on this). Not sure what to do about that, but I had a lot of problems from something similar when I was a child so I shall have to get it sorted out. I think I cut the nail too short and it has become infected through that.

Yesterday I decided to ride to work through the light snow that was coming down. I dug out my old crappy, super-heavy mountain bike ($70 from Toys’r’us many years ago), checked the brakes and gears, deflated the tyres a little to increase surface contact, and then headed out. Most of the roads were fine. The trails through Valley Forge were not treated and had a layer of ice under the light covering of snow, so that made me slide off the bike at one point; no great shakes. It was tremendous fun riding in and I would do it again next time it snows. The roads were empty because the schools had been delayed by two hours so I had very little traffic to fight.

And now, onto today. I could not get my lazy butt out of the warm bed so I laid in for an extra 15 mins which means I had to reduce my run by two miles to allow my wife to get her morning run in too. So a quick bite-sized marathon pace sandwich was on the menu for breakfast. With a pace of 7:46 it was pretty fast especially given that they seem to have stopped trying to clear the snow from the roads now. After five snows in eight days they are letting it sit on the roads and most people have given up on clearing their sidewalks/pavements.

So, that’s all the updates I had. So much seems to have happened in a short time.


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