Coping with Taper

It always feels so odd to be tapering in preparation for a run. For so many other things in life you need to practice up until the last minute, but not with running. You have to take foot off the gas and bide your time. Building your store of energy for the event.

For someone that is addicted to the feel good drugs you get from running it is a tough time. I find myself feeling slovenly and grouchy for no reason other than that I haven’t been out and got my daily hit.

On Friday I tried to go and do a speed session at the local school track, but it turned out that they hadn’t cleared down the snow. It was basically an ice rink. They had partially cleared one lane on one side of the track, but the rest was a death trap. By the time I got back home I’d missed my running slot as it was my wife’s turn to head out. Boo.

Then Sunday I was hoping to go for a cross-training bike ride but rain stopped play. By all reports the trails were filthy from all the snowmelt.

The temps in the Philly area have shot up from the mid20s to the 50-60F. The rain that has accompanied this has removed all traces of the ice and snow that had been with us for well over a week. At least this means I can run on the sidewalks again with the occasional leap to hurdle a puddle. šŸ™‚

So, today I ran in the pouring rain for just three miles with a pace around 8:30. It is seven in the morning because I get to lay in when on holiday and the temp is 58F. Toasty. My, it feels lazy to run such a short distance but I’m glad that this coincides with the Chrimbo holidays.

Now, where did those chocolate truffles get to…


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