Second Annual Boxing Day Double Half-Marathon: Part 1

Today is the day that I attempt the crazy double half-marathon which is something that I did for the first time last year and want to make a tradition, although I have no idea why. It involves running one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I started a little later than I would have liked this morning but that did give me plenty of time to take on fuel (read as big breakfast!). I chose a route that is essentially flat. Over the 13.1 miles it varies by about 60ft, however the last 3 miles of the route are ever so slightly uphill. I managed to complete with a 7:57 pace and got back to my car just as the first flakes of snow started to fall from the sky. Last year I did it in 8:01 pace so that is a slight improvement. I seem to recall that it was snowing last year for my run in the morning too. I took water, clif shot blocks (x3) and a clif bar (that I consumed at the finish line).

I ran in my new Sugoi sub-zero tights (thanks to the missis) which worked well and don’t appear to have rubbed me anywhere. It is always risky using new gear on a long run but with temps at 25F (14F feel) I thought it worth the risk.

Now I have to keep my legs loose so that I can run another one this afternoon. And eat a big lunch. I’m looking forward to the run now, but during that first half I found myself counting down the miles to the finish rather than enjoying it.

Hopefully the snow outside will blow through before I have to go out this afternoon…


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