Second Annual Boxing Day Double Half-Marathon: Part 2

Well, it is done. It hurt. It was cold. My feet are sore. I can’t lift my left leg higher than horizontal. But it is done.

13.1 miles with a pace of 9:03 which is again faster than last year’s second run (9:09 pace). It is very tough to get your legs moving for the second half after they’ve had 5 hours to seize up. Starting out on a half-marathon with your legs and calves already aching is an odd sensation and you have to question your sanity.

I ran my favourite trail from Oaks through Collegeville and up into the wilds. It is a beautiful run alongside a river most of the way on a secluded trail that runs behind a number of big pharma company offices. This is one thing that kept me going. I had to do three thirty second walks once I hit the ten mile mark as the pads of my feet (around the ball of my feet) were sore from the rough surface of the trail.

Now I’ll take a couple of days off and then start to prepare for the next half which is on New Year’s Eve…

Here are the screenshots from the new version of mapmyrun (which works well).


20131226-182309.jpgAnother year’s stupidity done and dusted.


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