More Travel Running and New Shoes

This weekend I’ve gone down to Dallas, Texas with my wife and daughter so that we can take part in a NY eve/day double half-marathon. We didn’t realize the Eagles would be playing down here also, so the planes were packed. I’m not a football fan but it is odd being in another team’s territory.

My legs are fully recovered from the double half-marathons I did on Boxing Day (26th Dec) and I’m champing at the bit to run some more. I also went to see the doc on Monday last week about the infected toe I had and am on a course of antibiotics to clear up the infection. It looks much better and I’m only halfway through the course. You have to take antibiotics courses to completion though, otherwise you are helping to build immunity against the medicine.

After the photos of my shoes last week I went to a running shop to have them perform a gait analysis, and took two old pairs of shoes to illustrate my change in foot-strike (heel to mid foot strike). The consensus of opinion was that the Brooks Beast were probably over correcting my pronation. The wear was pretty bad considering it was just 120 miles!

20131229-200600.jpgThe shop have recommended a couple of different shoes and I chose the Saucony Omnis. It is the first time I’ve changed shoes (brand/model) since I started running in 2007. They don’t look as good as the Beasts, but the torsional flexibility (twisting the shoe) is greater (easier/less resistance). Hopefully this will stop the over correction and reduce the wear on the outer edge of the toe box. The omni’s are also slightly lighter than the Beasts. I’ll give them a try…


20131229-201210.jpgNote that Brooks have been very gracious and provided me with replacement Beasts which I will also use and see if, perhaps, it was a bad sole on that last pair although that seems unlikely in my opinion.


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