Wrapping Up The Year and Starting The Next

This had been a good year for running and biking. It looks like it was my biggest year for both in terms of distance.

Next year the focus will probably be more oriented to running with my first full marathon in April. Before that I have my first official half marathon tomorrow on New Year’s Day. I’ve run lots of them over the years but never entered one. In fact, this time I’m running under my wife’s name so I guess I’m not officially running this either, ha! I shall disable the chip timing in the bib as otherwise I’ll likely set the course record for age group/sex and that would be unfair to the other competitors in my wife’s category.

Last year I ran 835 miles according to mapmyrun, with 143 runs in 113 hrs.

20131231-124940.jpgNot too shabby. You can see from the graph the point that I decided to stop and relearn my running method as the total for the months drops off in May when I started having problems. It has built up steadily towards the end of the year and I am heading into 2014 feeling strong.

I also did quite a lot of cycling this year with 3165 miles of biking. This has been helped by my occasional commute rides to the office. November and December have been bad due to cold temps and early snows, plus some travel that took me away from my bike. Running is so much more portable!

20131231-125412.jpgAll in all it was a good year. I hope yours was as rewarding and that you have plans for the next year too. It has been fun following the other running blogs and getting involved in this community. Stay strong.


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