First Official (unofficial) Half-Marathon (updated)

Today I ran in my first organized half-marathon since starting running in 2007.

Allen, Texas was the location. It was a cold and blustery start to the day as we lined up at 8:30 for the National Anthem. I was running with my wife’s bib so I removed the chip timing device. This also meant I started in group H (only one other group behind that). This gave me the advantage of overtaking for the entire run. I wasn’t over taken once! Before I got to the quarter point had caught up with quite a few people from the A and B group.

I wore my Xmas present of a Superman shirt and was greeted with lots of cheers from adults and kids too. I responded with “thank you, citizen!”.

The water stops were well run and everyone was in good spirits despite this actually being the second day of a race event. Yes, you could run yesterday too if you wanted. There were some crazies doing the double marathons.

I thought my pace remained pretty constant but the stats show otherwise. Certainly my average was pretty constant from the start to the end with a pace of 7:30 and finish time of 1:42:45.

**update: this pace assumed that my run was as measured on GPS at 13.69 miles. Both my wife and I independently measured the course longer on diff days with different GPS units… However, you have to use the official race length of 13.1. Therefore pace is around 7:52 which is not as good.

Looking at the preliminary results this puts me in about 24th place overall. Third place is age group. 17th male finisher by time.

Not too shabby.


20140101-113024.jpgNow to get showered… A good start to the New Year!


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