Welcome Home: Back to Running in Snow

We arrived back in PA late last night to find five inches of snow covering the ground. Quite a shock after returning from Texas. The temperature when we got in last night was 9F without factoring in the wind! Brrr.

So today I had to scrape the drive and pathways clear then head out for a quick run to try and get my legs moving again.

2.5 miles with a 7:57 pace is not bad when the roads are all slushy and have ice patches. It was about 20F in the sun when I went out so not too bad but it looks like there are some super cold days coming this week and just as my marathon training plan has to start. Tuesday AM may be around 0F.

The new Saucony Omni’s are very comfortable but are wearing really quickly in much the same way that my Brooks shoes did, and only after 16 miles in them. This is worrying as it probably means it is something wrong with my gait that is causing the issue. I suspect that I am dragging my toes as I place them on the ground. Not too sure what to do about that.

Also, I spoke to those lovely people at Brooks and they have agreed to exchange the new Beast shoes that they sent me for a pair of their Adreneline shoes (which I also tried on at the store and were highly recommended). Sweet. I just have to return the unused pair of Beasts. What lovely people they are. Great customer service!

20140104-113704.jpgThis is the way the soles look now. If you compare with the image below you’ll see all the tread pattern from the outside row has already gone and the sharp edge has disappeared. Yikes.

20140104-113825.jpgAnd this is how they looked originally.


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