Finally Getting My Arse Out the Door: Getting Back into Morning Runs

I did it! The first time this year that I got up early and out the door for my run.

It was hard to do as two and a half weeks of holidays, half-marathon taper/recovery and laying-in just make it difficult to even get out of bed. But within half a mile of starting I was happy. Cold, but happy.

It was 22F when I left which is much warmer than the past few days but is still cold relative to normal temps. I completely overdressed for the weather though it is easy to unwrap layers.

Unfortunately my GPS was entirely off today. I don’t even think it timed the run correctly. It said I was out for 35:29 and did 7.75 miles. That would be a pace of around 4:34! Err, no. I don’t think so. I actually did around six miles and I think the timing was off too as it should have been close to 43 minutes.

The plan called for a marathon paced sandwich of six miles with four at race pace, and I have no idea if I was near that in any way. It felt about right so that will have to do for today’s tracking.

Now to go and get showered and warm.

Hurrah for mornings!


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