First Tracks and GPS Plague Continues

Beautiful fresh morning today with a very light snow just finishing as I left the house. I always enjoy making first tracks in the snow.

The plan calls for five miles at 9:07 pace (I can’t run that slow, I’m sure) but I was plagued with GPS issues again today. A route that I know is five to five and a half miles was recorded as 6.8. Also, the timing seems to be off as it suggests I did it in 32 minutes, but for the correct distance it should have been around forty! All very odd so I’ve raised a support request with mapmyrun.

I know I did about the right distance and the pace felt reasonable so that will have to do for today. I guess for the next few runs I’ll run Nike+ as well so I get a different estimate that doesn’t rely on GPS.

20140110-071631.jpgRidunkulous! Look at that route.

Saucony Omni’s are working out quite nicely although I find that the tongue has to be in the exact position otherwise the inside edge at the top of the laces rubs against the front of my foot.


4 thoughts on “First Tracks and GPS Plague Continues

  1. Chris Adams

    I used to use the mapmyrun website to manually plot in my routes and measure them, then just rely on a simple stopwatch app for the timing. Less prone to hiccups, but you don’t get the nice splits.

    1. pauldburton Post author

      I know the distances from where I live to most turn around points in the neighbourhood. But it sucks when he GPS and the timer are off as I suspect is the case now. I’ve used the app for years and get a few days a year where it freaks out… I noticed there’s an update available so maybe hat will fix it? Hmmmm.


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