New Shoes. App Iss-shoes.

On Sunday afternoon I took my Saucony Omni shoes into the running store that I frequent to get their advice. They recommended these shoes to try and help with what looked like over correction of my pronation when wearing Brooks Beast shoes. However, after just 34 miles the Saucony shoes had already lost all their grip from the outside edge by the toes. We discussed a few things and then they decided I should try running in a totally neutral shoe. I tested a few and ended up with Brooks Dyad 7 shoes.



20140114-062829.jpgI took these for their first run today and they are very comfortable to me as they feel very much like my old Brooks Beast shoes. Well, let see how these fair.

One of the advantages of working closely with a running store is that they will help you try different shoes if you have problems with the ones they recommended.

My mapmyrun issues still continue with it reading time at 40% less and distance at 40% more. Despite having followed their instructions for an app and phone reset. Thankfully Nike+ runs without GPS and can be relied on for distance/time. Interestingly, I emailed Nike about getting the number of steps info from their site (as this how they derive your info) but they do not currently have a way for you to get that data. For runners that’s pretty key info that they collect but don’t share. They’ve said they’ll pass the comment along to the dev team.

Today’s run was an easy five miles in forty two minutes so 8:22 pace. Faster than the plan but then the plan is ridiculously slow.



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