Marathon Training Plan: Speedwork Isn’t So Easy

Perhaps I should not have cycled to work yesterday, but I could not get my legs moving fast enough for the required Speedwork session the plan called for today.

I’m supposed to do six miles with one warm-up, then three times one mile at 7:11 pace, with half mile jogs in between. Then a mile cool down.

Not helped by my technology still failing with mapmyrun (which interestingly worked fine on my bike ride yesterday; grr) I was using nike+ to try and gauge pace and distance. This is difficult because one of the variables for Speedwork is your gait; you tend to take longer steps which would throw off the nike+ system that measures your distance based on a average step length. However, it is all I have to go by so I’ll just have to believe it.

20140116-063639.jpgThe graph quite clearly shows the periods I sped up. I wasn’t consistently fast enough through any of the speed intervals. It looks like I topped out at about 7:10 pace which is pretty well right on the button, but that needs to be the consistent pace for those sections. The second interval was the slowest. It was slightly uphill but that is really just making excuses; I clearly didn’t push hard enough. The last interval looks like it was faster but went a bit wibbly towards the end.

Must try harder, me thinks. It wouldn’t be called training if it was easy.


3 thoughts on “Marathon Training Plan: Speedwork Isn’t So Easy

  1. 2 Cups 'N Run

    I wouldn’t trust the app too much in terms of pace.. they do tend to jump around a bit, at least that’s my personal experience. Did you feel you were running unevenly in terms of speed? Can you run a route were you know where each mile ends and measure your time at the end of each mile? I know it’s a lot of work but in my opinion it’s more reliable than a smart phone app.

    1. pauldburton Post author

      I think I was running quite unevenly. My legs were tired from the previous days cycling which I probably shouldn’t have done, but was ever so enjoyable!

      I had chosen a route where I know the mile markers but the plan had me changing at some half mile points and they weren’t all straight in my head.

      Although mapmyrun was still screwy, The Nike+ measurements were pretty consistent but the app isn’t very good at reporting back to you; it is setup for simplicity rather than complicated runs.

      I may have to bust out my stopwatch and try using that. Good suggestion. Thanks.


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