Friday Easy Four-Miler

Another day, another distance. Today was a short four mile run to clear the legs out from yesterday’s speed work. It got cold again and was 24F when I went out. Brr. But that’s what layers are for and I was toasty in about half a mile.

The mapmyrun app was completely and utterly screwed up again today, measuring 13.5 miles in 12 minutes. Both the time and the distance are way off. Here’s a screen shot because I am so incredulous:

20140117-065931.jpgThere were two obviously wrong GPS readings that threw out the large number, but even the small local reading were very inaccurate. This annoys me for a couple of reasons: 1) I pay for MVP membership with mapmyrun and this renders the app useless, 2) their service syncs up to my works health plan and earns me points, but it is so inaccurate it is now stealing money from me as exercise has to be measured at least at 20 minutes. 3) the email responses have been automated and useless. Nothing has worked.

It is working fine on my wife’s iPhone, just not mine. Crazy.

Thank goodness for Nike+. 4.12 miles in 33:50 with a pace of 8:12. Right in the zone (as I am ignoring the 9:07 pace requested in the plan as that is tooooooooo slow for me).

I also checked my shoes this morning to see if they are wearing on the outer edges and they are after just 15 miles. Looks like it’s me rather than the shoes causing the problem. I wonder how you correct the lateral angle that your foot hits the ground? My little toes seems to strike before the middle if my feet.


2 thoughts on “Friday Easy Four-Miler

  1. playfulpups

    What if u try reaching out to mapmyrun via twitter? Maybe uninstall and reinstall?

    I have a short 3 miler scheduled for today and temps r dropping….:( as long as it isn’t windy though it will be fine!

    1. pauldburton Post author

      I’ve tried all those things. And complete phone hardware reset. Their email support quality has dropped recently.

      Maybe I’ll try twitter as that’s a little more public. Thanks for the tip.

      Looks like we are getting a little snow sat and sun AM so my 12 miler is going to be a chilly one! Enjoy your run…


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