Marathon Training Week 2: LSD 12 Miler

Well it was certainly slower than my last half-marathon race but still faster than the pace my training plan has targeted for me. 12 miles @ 8:41 pace. Not too bad. I found some pretty extra miles in the Skippack area today. Running by farms and lakes, and people that have to clean out their horses stables. All very idyllic.

Mapmyrun was bad again today. This time I had deleted the app, cleared the GPS cache and other location data, re-installed, then connected to my heartrate monitor. For the first four miles it wasn’t reading any distance at all. Then part way through it sprung into life. The GPS points are all a long way off though. I may have to concede and switch to an old backup iPhone for running. Boo.

Nike+ worked as solidly as ever. You’ve got to love a solution that robust.

My shoes are definitely wearing in a weird way again but not quite as quickly. I was trying to change my gait today to straighten my footfall but I don’t think it helped much.

The temps have plummeted to 24F actual with a feel of 18F, and when the wind blew it really did feel 18F. My chin froze after about mile four so I had to massage it every so often to bring some sensation back to it.

I took at water bottle with me and had two small drinks, plus I consumed two clif shot blocks at about mile eight.

It was a beautiful morning though and I saw a lovely red fox part way through. A lovely end to the second week of the training plan. Twenty-seven miles weekly total, forty-eight overall and nothing bad yet.

I wouldn’t want to miss out on running for anything!


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