Just Do It Anyway

I’m at a conference in Philly.
It is 2F/-16.5C outside.
There is snow and ice on the pathways.
There was an open bar last night.
I had five pints of beer.

Just do it anyway.

Five and a half miles run at an 8:13 pace around center city. I’ll call that my Friday easy run and switch it. There was no way I could do a tempo run today because of the location (inner city) and ice everywhere but an easy run should always be possible.

Running from a hotel means that there is always a welcoming committee at the front door when you return. And they will always give you props for being out there!

Thankfully no side effects from the beer.


2 thoughts on “Just Do It Anyway

  1. WalkToRio

    You are right to have switched the tempo for the easy run, you don’t wanna slip on the black ice.
    Kudos to you for getting out!


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