Marathon Training Plan: Week Swap Edition

In the fashion of ABC shows, this week is a ‘week swap’ edition so that I can have an easier set of runs while I am travelling in Singapore in early February. Having a plan is good. Not getting too hung up on it is better.

I’m swapping week four (easy week) with week 5 (16 mile long run).

So today I kicked off with a nice simple four miler and having read some other peoples blogs over the weekend I decided I should try and put some effort into it although it is classed as an easy run.

So I ran the last half mile at a higher pace just for the hell of it and, if I’m honest, to prove that my legs will still move at that pace!

20140128-064100.jpgIt was a 4.05 mile run with an average pace of 7:51, but for that last half I was in the 6:58-7:04 pace range.

It was bloomin’ cold out there again with windchills taking the temps down to zero F or lower. I’ve actually decided not to track it too closely at this point in case it starts to put me off going out. With sufficient layers it doesn’t seem to matter too much.

The roads were lovely and clear which was a surprise because they were pretty bad on Sunday. I guess having one day above freezing actually cleared down some of the mess. There is some black ice out there as is often the case when there is a re freeze.


3 thoughts on “Marathon Training Plan: Week Swap Edition

  1. playfulpups

    Sounds like a good run! Be careful on that ice- I’ve danced across some myself! I agree with the training plan. I think a plan is crucial, but being flexible on it is just has crucial!


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