The Other Runner: They Talk!

Finally, after nine months of seeing someone out running in the nearby housing development and with me always saying “mornin’!”, I have been acknowledged!

The other runner said “Hello”. Amazing. I feel like I’ve finally warn them down. Hehehe.

Today’s rearranged schedule called for a six mile tempo run with four miles @7:39 pace. Mission accomplished.

20140130-064113.jpgAt times I felt like I was running too hard and the graph shows that there were periods where I was going faster but I had to account for the hills on the route.

20140130-064332.jpgAm I the only one who thinks that their “calories burned” symbol looks like burning dog poo? Stamp it out.

Anyhoooo, it was a good run and I feel like I can handle the speed again. A couple of weeks ago I was worried the tempo workouts were set too fast.

As for some techniques, I’ve been employing a couple of things that I read lately and they seem to help so I thought I’d put them in here:
1) when using your arms to ‘power you faster’ put the emphasis on the push backwards as this helps thrust you forwards, and
2) think about leading with your big toe while you are running. This seems to have helped me to stop rolling my foot quite so much. The wear on my shoes seems a little tempered since I’ve employed this technique.

Good stuff. Now to get a warm shower as it was 7F (real and actual) today.

Have a good one!


2 thoughts on “The Other Runner: They Talk!

  1. Tobi

    9 month, wow, that is persistence. I have some runners on my route too that still don´t greet, we will se if it takes them 9 month too.
    And I would guess it is a rather hard job to paint/design “burned calories” – apart from some fire in the picture what do you expect? 😉


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