Sweet Sixteen Miles

With the temperature a balmy 30F it was a perfect morning for a long slow run. Many of the local trails have not been cleared of snow so I’m sticking with running the roads.

I designed a lovely route from my house through the heart of Evansburg State Park. It is very pretty and the roads are quiet out there. Although being Sunday morning it is pretty quiet most places.

Sixteen miles in 2:19:20 which is about an 8:41 avg pace. Not too bad. There were some long slow climbs on the run again today but I need those to prepare for Nashville.

When I took my sock off I found I had a bloody middle toe. Didn’t notice that at all while I was running. Looks like I may have left a slightly sharp toenail when I trimmed yesterday. Oops.

Other than that I felt a slight niggle in my right ankle for the first four miles but no other aches or pains.

With more snow coming and a conference in Singapore coming up it is going to be an interesting mixed bag of weather for the coming two weeks. Fortunately next week is an easy week because I did a ‘week swap’ in my marathon plan to accommodate my travel.

Update on the mapmyrun GPS situation. I’m pretty sure it isn’t the app that’s wrong but my iPhone. I downloaded and app called GPS status that outputs the GPS data that your phone is receiving. I set this up on my phone and my wife’s. Left them side by side on the south facing window sill. Her’s had 5 metre accuracy and mine had 65-100 metre accuracy. I reset all caches and timezones, and rebooted the phone, and re calibrated the compass. All to no avail. I shall go and visit the Geniuses at Apple next week (after backing up my phone first)!

Running data from Nike+ looks good. Still faster than the planned speed for my LSDs.

20140202-104000.jpgAnd here’s that same data visualized:

20140202-104044.jpgNow to chill out and try to stay awake for the Super Bowl party tonight.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen Miles

  1. WalkToRio

    That’s a great workout.
    I had the same problem with a bloody toe this weekend, some day I’ll learn how to properly clip my toenails.

    1. pauldburton Post author

      Yeah. No other problems that I can see with my foot. It isn’t even sore. The amount of blood always looks impressive… I try not to trim then back too far but I guess I needed to on this occasion.


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