Massaged within An Inch of my Life

Last night I went to see my massage therapist for a little trigger point therapy as I’ve been a little tight for the last week or so. Turns out my muscles are a hot mess!

Both my shoulders, the right side if my back, my calves and my glutes. My therapist beat the crap out of me. At one point I got a nose bleed as the pressure was so intense. First time that’s happened. The massage was good so I booked another for next month rafter than leaving it quite so long next time.

For today’s run I felt the remaining aches so it wasn’t too fast. Six miles at 8:08 pace. The first couple of miles felt like shuffling along.

We lost power yesterday for six hours due to the ice storm, and most of the areas I ran through today still didn’t have power. There was a constant humm of generators as I moved from street to street.

One more cold run then off to Singapore for a week. Hurrah.


One thought on “Massaged within An Inch of my Life

  1. WalkToRio

    I’m dreading my next visit to the physiotherapist, it’s been over 6 month since I last went. I feel really tight, it’s gonna hurt.
    Enjoy Singapore, looking forward to your running updates from there.


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