Bring on the Heat

My last run in cold US weather for a week. Five relaxed miles at 7:52 pace. Nice reverse splits before my looooong flights. 16hrs to Hong Kong then 5hrs to Singapore and all economy, baby!

20140207-071733.jpgNow I have to pack for my trip. It will be warm there so only one set of thin summer clothing is required. Plus some snacks and a water bottle holder. Hopefully the trip and timezone change may fix my iPhone GPS issues; I guess we’ll see. Taking Nike+ dongle just in case.

The power was still out for many people in the neighbourhood today. Some have their generators humming but most houses are vacant. This storm really did a number on the power suppliers.

Yesterday I witnessed and helped out at an accident where someone didn’t stop at traffic lights that were out because of the storm. They blasted through the junction at full tilt and hit another car with a young girl and elderly lady in the back. Thankfully no major injuries as the safety features all seemed to work. Amazing.

I’ll leave the cold with a picture of my daughter’s melting snowman kit (made of soft putty). It is rather Dali, don’t you think?



One thought on “Bring on the Heat

  1. WalkToRio

    Love the melting snowman.
    Hope you at least get to seat next to an emergency exit, more room to stretch your legs.


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