Make-Up Run

No, this is not some screwball new fangled theme run where you have to wear heavy make-up and run a marathon. Although that does sound like there might be some potential in that… Maybe sponsorship from some large make-up company… Or KISS.

Yesterday I was too hot/tired/dehydrated/unacclimatised (delete as applicable) and didn’t complete my six miler. So today I threw in an extra, but short, run to try and help with me getting used to the temp.

I went out at six AM and it was 75F+ but no sun equals less humidity. I managed a 2.7 mile circuit around the main marina area with a pace of around 8:43. It is hard to keep a constant pace as there are quite a lot of steps to climb on a circuit such as this. It was easier today and I didn’t need water until I finished the run.

There are quite a lot of people out running around this route which is nice to see and gives me some targets to try and catch up with. But it seems that all I need to slow me down is a temperature hike! My legs still feel heavy and tired.

My GPS issues continue despite the new location. I will have to go and see Apple when I get back. In the meantime I’m using the nike+ app to track my runs. I also configured the dongle so that I could track my walking distances but didn’t do this until the end of the day after having walked about 10 miles.

Because of my juggling weeks in the plan to accommodate this travel, tomorrow’s run is a mere four miles. I had quite a lot of drink last night with colleagues so that didn’t help much (6 beers and 2 mohitos). Also hitting the sack at 12:30 was a bit late. But the whole purpose of being here is to mingle with my comrades.

20140210-064655.jpgI thought I’d end with this snap over the edge of the infinity pool at my hotel, the Marina Bay Sands. No filters or effects on that shot. Lovely. I shall have to get into the pool at some point…


2 thoughts on “Make-Up Run

  1. WalkToRio

    I wouldn’t leave that pool.
    I’m going to Rio next week, the temperature shock would be bad, not as bad as yours tho, I’m not looking forward to my first long workout there. And just to spicy things up, I’ve entered a race, so it’s gonna be interesting.


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