Mad-Dogs and Englishmen

… Go out on the midday sun! Or so the song goes.

I had an important early meeting today and couldn’t get out before sunrise for my run so, instead, I went out mid afternoon. Blimey. It. Was. Hot.

20140211-175336.jpgI ran a simple four miler along a flat trail from the hotel that takes in part of the Formula 1 racing circuit (pit lanes). It is by the water so I had a nice headwind as I went out, but coming back it was still humid air. My pace was slow again @8:56 and I wonder if it would ever be good in this heat? Summer seems like such a distant memory.

I have to get ready for the evening event to the conference now. Time to strap on my party shoes…


2 thoughts on “Mad-Dogs and Englishmen

  1. WalkToRio

    You body had no time to adapt, it’s like defrosting something in the microwave. You gotta let it thaw lol
    It’s gonna be funny my first workout in that kind of heat next week.


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