Dreadmill Workout: Losing a Day and Out to Play

I’m back in sunny New Jersey after a long couple of days of conference, partying and travel.

I had waaaa too many drinks on the Tuesday night because I knew that I didn’t have a run the next morning so it was really my only night to have a few. What started at 6:30 kept going until 4am. Long session which devolved into many shots at some point in the evening. I spent the time hanging with a good group of colleagues from Australia in a bar where we had free run over the music selection.

Wednesday’s conference was helpful with my team getting many mentions (which is always a good morale booster), then Wednesday night was supposed to be an easy night… But I got led astray (to be fair, I am quite an instigator myself) and ended the night at the Ku De Ta nightclub at the top of the hotel. Drinking in the open air at the 57th floor. Pretty good night and stuck to beer…

However, this left just three hours for sleep before my first flight out. There was no way I could squeeze in my planned six miler (interval run). Then began 26 hours of flights and airport time. Three wasn’t sufficient time at Tokyo to do the run at the airport and, to be honest, no one would want to sit next to me for the next twelve hours after a workout like that!

Upon arrival in NJ there was snow everywhere. My wife had booked me a hotel at the airport in advance and I gave in and used it. This meant one thing. I was going to have to forfeit one of the runs from my schedule: either the six mile Speedwork or the three mile easy run.

I checked out the hotel dreadmills and they seemed to be okay so I decided to do the speed workout with a shorter warm up/cool down. The weekend run calls for 18 miles (if I can find enough miles with no snow on them!) so I don’t want to do too much today.

One interesting thing was that I was able to compare my nike+ calibration with the dreadmill which could itself be out of calibration. Interestingly, at the end of the five miles it was only 1% higher than my nike+. This means I am probably doing ever so slightly more than I need to do, but that is pretty impressive accuracy. Or rather, they may both be inaccurate but by a similar amount.

Another observation was that when I set the dreadmill at a particular speed I could vary my pace over quite a large range as measured by nike+. This is because nike+ measures your cadence to assess your speed. On my middle interval with the speed set to 8.4 mph I could vary the pace between 7:30 and 8:20 quite easily with cadence tweaks. I guess this is why you get better results when you have calibrated the nike+ to your running style. Despite this experimentation, it is clearly quite closely calibrated to my actual average running cadence.

Turns out, however, that I did the wrong workout because I neglected to check my schedule before I went to the gym. I ended up doing a tempo run (with a negative split, for fun) rather than the prescribed speedwork. Whoops.

I did a half mile warm up at 6-6.4 mph, interval 1 at 7.8 mph, recovery at 6.4 mph, interval 2 at 8.4 mph followed by recovery, then interval 3 at 9.0 mph. I then did a half mile cool down. Total distance 5 miles.20140214-093714.jpgPurely coincidentally, the last of these intervals was at the correct pace for the workout I was supposed to be doing. Notice the negative split on the intervals. Each was faster by 0.6 mph and you could plot that as a straight line across the peaks of that graph. 😉

The dreadmill was horrible. It had a tv screen showing basketball highlights (so I couldn’t focus off into the distance) and having all those stats so immediately in front of you means that you just sit there watching the numbers tick… like your life ebbing away.

Now I have to get myself together and go to dig my car out from the airport parking lot. Hopefully someone there will have a shovel I can use!


2 thoughts on “Dreadmill Workout: Losing a Day and Out to Play

  1. WalkToRio

    Seeing how good the Nike+ works for you makes me a bit mad. I had to give away mine because I could never get it to give me the rights readings. I calibrated it several times, on a track, on the road, even treadmill, but nothing. It wasn’t meant to be.
    You hope you had a nice and safe drive back home.
    Have a nice weekend!


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