Recalibrated: Nike+ and Plans!

Yesterday I had to recalibrate my nike+ app and dongle because the Apple Geniuses (Genii?) asked me to reset the phone to see if that would fix the GPS issue. Unfortunately it did not fix the situation.

I recalibrated using a treadmill because I don’t do not have access to a track at this time. The weather being so bad that they didn’t clear the high school track.

I reset for both a one mile run and a one mile walk. It all depends how accurate the meter is on the treadmill, of course, but I think it should be close enough. I set it to my average running pace and stuck to that for a mile.

Today I should have run a six mile tempo run but life had thrown a curve ball… A good one but it is putting my training on hold for a couple of days at least.

My wife and I had been looking to adopt another child and we got ‘the call’ on Monday night to come to the hospital… In Michigan. Quite a long drive from Philly but we got lucky with the weather. The last few days have been spent tending to the new born. There is still a long way to go from a legal perspective but we are hopeful that it will work out. We have, however, had a few failures in our past so we aren’t counting our chickens just yet.

Until we get to a hotel or a town with fewer cars/more pavement, the running will have to be on hold. This gives me a chance to save my legs for the twenty miler that’s on the cards for Sunday. (Not sure that will happen).

To be honest, it is extremely unlikely I would go to Nashville for the marathon if we have a new littl’un at home.

Hoping for the best. Updates as they happen…

Keep on running, my friends.


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