The Return of the Deadmill

In this episode Luke Treadwalker finally brings out the good in Daft DreadMill.

Yes, yet another treadmill session. This time I managed 3.125 miles (5k) in 22:37. This an improvement over the last sessions.

One observation is that although nike+ is highly accurate when you run at/around your average pace, it goes massively off when you run with mixed stride lengths on a treadmill. I guess you do this more because the mill stays at the same speed while your body naturally varies your stride (either consciously or sub consciously) to give you a break from the constancy. Nike+ which is normally very accurate only measured 2.88 miles. I am aware that I was taking larger strides at points to give relief from the higher pace.

My last lap was at 10mph (6:00 pace). The majority was at 8.2mph (7:19 pace) and I did sections at 8.5mph (7:04 pace) and 9mph (6:40 pace).

As I don’t have much running kit here, my wife bought me some new running socks the other day from Champion. It is the first pair of socks that I own that have a Left and Right demarkation. Isn’t that weird? Not very convenient for dressing in the dark in the AM.



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