Crank up the Music (to Drown Out the Dreadmill)

Another day. Another treadmill session. Today I lowered the intensity and targeted a five mile run in the hotel sauna (gym). They also had wipes again so I feel that I can get the machine clean after my workout.

To beat the dull repetition I have given in and used my iPhone for music. I have rather odd taste in music and this playlist was a random selection of a band from the 80s called It Bites.

Their first album was to poppy for me but the other two were quite solid rock with unusual key and timing changes, and very clever interplay of lead guitar and synth. Good solid music to tune out with. Although there is one track that makes me well-up and that makes it tough to run.

In breaking news, my old faithful water bottle from Ultimate Direction has finally sprung a leak after eight years of use. Really, the quality of these things is terrible! 😉

They are my favorite type of water bottle because they are squeezable and feature a kicker valve that will let you close it off with your tongue so the bottle doesn’t leak while you are carrying it either in your belt or in the hand-carrier that they come with. The leak has formed at the bottom of the thumb grip and gives a perfect arc of spray across the room when you squeeze the bottle. Nice! I will get another one.



4 thoughts on “Crank up the Music (to Drown Out the Dreadmill)

    1. pauldburton Post author

      It is a 20oz bottle. Great for long runs. I’ve used it for probably 90% of the runs I’ve done over the last 8 years as I prefer to run with access to a drink.


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