Out in the Open Air at Last!

Finally I got to run outside although it nearly went off the rails.

I got up at 5am as my body had decided that a run was a good thing. Dressed then headed down to the hotel lobby to get ready to hit the road. It was still dark so I clipped on my lights and hit the power buttons… Nothing. Both my red and white lights were completely dead. Gaa! There was no way I would go running in the roads without lights when it was that dark so I had to crawl back up to my room and try not to wake my daughter as I crept through the room she was sleeping in.

I guess the batteries died somewhere between Singapore and Michigan. I hadn’t used thee lights for over a month so they must have been knocked during transit.

So after a few hours more sleep I tried again at 8am. This time I got to run! Outside. It was cloudy with some small patches of ice from the refrozen melt. I got one shoe full of ice cold water but eight glorious miles of running on roads more than makes up for that.

I didn’t even notice the miles and was at 3.5 before I even knew it. Fabulous.

I love running outside sooooo much better than on treadmills.

The people in the hotel thought I was mad as I rolled back in through the front door, but it is them that are missing out.


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