Falling Waters Trail, Michigan

Another glorious outdoor run today. Thanks to President Bush it was back to running in pitch darkness along the Falling Waters Trail just south of Jackson.

We’ve been in and out of the hospital over the last few weeks for family reasons and I’ve been talking with one of the guys there who is a good runner.

Today, for the first time we met up at 7am for a run. He is older than I but a much faster runner who agreed to run at my pace. We did a quick 10.9 miler and managed to hold a pace of 8:07 which is a good pace for me at that distance. This is the first time I have really run with someone else, let alone someone faster. Talking and running is a new experience for me. That was a little challenging at times but the guy I was running with was very easy to talk to.

He has helped to train a number successful runners that have gone on to complete Boston (and other) marathons. We may well run again later this week.

And it is soooo much better than running on a treadmill. So much better. Hurrah.


2 thoughts on “Falling Waters Trail, Michigan

  1. WalkToRio

    Hope the trips to the hospital are over and whatever reason took you there is solved.
    I miss having a running partner every now and then, I’ve managed to injure the last 2 lol

    1. pauldburton Post author

      It was strange running with someone else. Enjoyable as a one off but I’m not sure I’d be able to maintain conversation for another eleven miles.

      I joined my wife’s running club earlier this year but have yet to attend an event. I just have to get it together and go along to one next month.

      Hospital stuff is now finished but still away from home for another couple of weeks trying to sort out legal stuff around a potential adoption. These processes are ao slow…


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