Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Finally the snow in deepest Michigan is starting to clear. There has been sufficient melt and the overnights haven’t led to too much refreeze. So, today I was able to run the roads of Jackson.

It has been a while since I’ve been out as the adoption process has taken its toll on my sanity, plus having the new baby in our hotel room is leading to some disrupted nights. All par for the course and I am not complaining. Having a new child is a life event for which other things must give way.

Following the court date yesterday we now have permission to apply to take the baby home with us. This means it is just a few more days before we can start the journey home. Hurrah!

Now that we are through some of the more stressful parts of the process I am trying to get my legs rolling on the road again. I headed out for a quick six miler. It wasn’t my fastest run at an 8:16 pace but it was good to get out there. Vicious cross-winds were there to remind me that although it is spring the temperature is still below freezing. Most of the snow and ice has melted. The pavements are no longer deep puddles of slush and the sides of the roads can be used for getting out of the path of oncoming traffic. Altogether much better roads and conditions, and that makes a big difference to me.

Looking forward to stepping up the miles again.

As for the Nashville marathon next month, I don’t think that will happen for me. They also posted the bling pictures this week and it is a very ugly medal so that also helps me justify dropping out of my training. Back to running for the sake of running. This is where the rubber hits the road…


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