Back in my Old Stomping Ground

We are finally back at home and it has been fun to do a few runs around my old routes. It is great to see then without snow and ice cluttering the view.

Many of the roads and sidewalks are littered with tree branches awaiting collection by the township. But it looks that most places survived the harsh winter.

I did a slow 8 miler on Sunday @ 8:40 pace and then a 4 miler today (no idea of pace as I didn’t have my normal running shoes/sensor).

I did find it hard to get going today as my legs felt heavy. I’m sure that’ll improve as I get back to more frequent running.

Trying to fit runs around baby Louie’s early morning feeds was challenging this morning but I did still manage to get out eventually. The little guy didn’t want to wake up early for his food so I ended up sitting cuddling him for a while instead. Not a bad substitution really!


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