Gorgeous Morning for a Run

The littl’un slept in today so I got to get up and out early. 5:45 I hit the roads and -wow- that was great decision.

It was 50F so it was the first time I got to wear shorts and a single top layer. As dawn broke I was out in the countryside and greeted by a cacophony of cockerels; they went nuts. It was awesome.

It is days like this that make running good.

On the way back I ran past lots of kids at various school bus stops and none of them made snarky comments. Bonus.

All the drivers gave me plenty of space on the roads. Result.

Lots and lots of deer around the route today. I think there were about 15 or so in groups of two or three. White tails bobbing through the trees.

8.2 miles with a pace of around 8:24. Legs felt like lead most of the way but that’s probably because I am behind on my sleep. Que sera sera. It is worth it for days like these!


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