Own Your Run


For today’s run I treated myself to driving to the start point. Normally I try to run from my house because it seems slightly bizarre to me to drive somewhere to go running. However, today I fancied a different route that starts six miles from my house.

The Perkiomen Trail is a lovely winding trail that skirts the Perkimen Creek. There are several bridges crossing over and you get to run along the banks for a fair amount of time. There are also some small villages and, my target for today, Spring Mountain.

Now, let’s not get ahead if ourselves here. Calling it a mountain is a little bit of an exaggeration and always feels rather tongue in check to me. There is a ski slope there that the local schools use for teaching kids. But it isn’t really a mountain by any stretch of the imagination.

There is a quarter mile 12% grade hill to climb that makes it a little challenging but that just makes you appreciate the beauty of the trail on the other side. Back by the river for another gentle and pretty run.

I felt like I could have just kept going today but I didn’t eat well last night and also don’t want to get too tired with our new baby keeping us up at night. So ten miles at 8:17 pace will have to do for today.


2 thoughts on “Own Your Run

    1. pauldburton Post author

      If I wasn’t trying to rein in my distance then I’d probably have run to this route, but I just don’t want to get that tired right now. I’m grumpy enough as it is. ;-P


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