Just Get Out There

It has been a tough week. My wife got a virus that wiped her out for a few days and she was feeling run down for a couple of days before it hit. This meant that I was on full-on Daddy duty for this week. Lots of middle of the night feeds and some lost time from work. When things like this happen you have to rally around your family first.

That said, she is now well on the road to recovery and I was able to get out and have a run without the risk of tiring myself to the point of grumpiness (oh yes, this point really does exist for me).

Today I tried a trail that I had previously only explored in a bike. It is a hilly route that joins the Perkiomen Trail to the Evansburg State Park (my favourite run destination locally). It was very exposed and mainly runs under power lines but it was a beautiful run with few roads or obstacles. The hills were Rolling (with a capital R) but manageable. I didn’t break any records but had fun connecting part of my favourite park with another of my preferred trails. Good to know for future long runs! Oddly there are many stables out on this route. I’m not sure why they would be out here jammed between the housing estates that line either side of the power cable run.

I finally gave in and traded in my iPhone to a new model as the broken GPS issue had just annoyed me so much. It cost me $300 to do but that is cheaper than a new phone and it means that when I do hand it over to my wife it will be a nice shiny clean version.

I tested the GPS today on the new phone and it is spot on again. Hurrah. :-).

As it was a new phone I also had to recalibrate my nike+ so after my trail run I went to the track to run a measured mile. I also walked a quarter to calibrate the walking mode.

All good to go for more running fun. I’m itching to just get out there and run more once little Louie will sleep through the night. Until then, balance is the key.

Stats: 8.58 miles at 8:13 pace. Then another mile at the track at 8:04 pace.

I’ve noticed a slight ticking in my left knee when I walk on it after a run. No pain for anything else. Just a slight click. I’ll have to watch that.


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