First Group Track Workout: FastTracks


Tonight I attended my first group track workout. In the New Year we decided to upgrade my wife’s running club membership to be a family membership so I could go to some of their events. This is the first one that I have been able to attend.

I have never been to a running club event or to to a track workout so it was all totally new to me.

I started with a couple of slow jogging loops of the track just to loosen up.

Then we did some warm up stretches and exercises; some static and a couple of dynamic ones. I cannot think of an easy way to describe the exercises here. I’ll have to try and find a way to document them moving forward.

Once that was done we broke into groups based on 5k times. Group 1 was for sub-22 minute runners so that was me with about seven others. The group had one notorious long distance runner (BadWater, etc) and a couple of women that have a lot of track experience (and have ~18.5 min 5k times).

We were told to run 10x 200 metres at 1 mile pace, with 200 metres jogging as recovery. No rests. We did negative splits as each run got faster. Average times were 42-46 seconds for me. Not too shabby considering how long it is since I’ve done any serious track or speed work. I’m clearly not in the same league as the others in my group being but it was nice to hang out with some other runners for a little while.


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