A Quick(er) Six Miler and Another Race To Train For

Given that I had a relatively tiring night at my first track event last night, I didn’t expect my morning run to be very easy. But sometimes your body surprises you.

This morning’s six mile run was pretty good with an 8:01 pace.

My legs were a little achy when I started out but that didn’t last long. It was a good morning although a little on the chilly side so I had to get my leggings out from storage (perhaps I had been a little premature in putting them away!).

The running club posted one photo of the track session last night and it had me in it. Lucky their camera didn’t break.

My wife and I have also signed up for a half marathon together in June on our wedding anniversary. The Heartbreak Hill Half organised by Runner’s World. Should be ‘fun’. It will be our first weekend off since getting our baby boy who will be staying with a friend for the weekend.

Do any of you do runs with your significant others to celebrate anniversaries?


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