Sunday, ‘Cos that’s my Run Day.

It’s just another magic Sunday! And that’s not some banal reference to resurrection for Easter. It is a Bangles reference/pun. šŸ™‚

Now my wife and I are signed up for a half marathon, I’ve got to get my distance and speed back up. It is a different approach to marathon training so I’ll attack it on two ways. Obviously done distance work up to around 15 miles, but also some speed work where I’ll gradually increase the length and frequency of the intervals.

Today was a beautiful morning with slight head winds on my way out and a clear blue sky that felt suitably toasty especially compared with the weather from Michigan last month. Brrr.

I ran 11.6 miles at an 8:23 pace around Worcester and Lower Providence Townships. It was 46F when I went out and I had to remove the sleeves from my jacket part way because I got too warm. Hurrah for that.

As I sit recovering I see my cats basking in the morning sun.

20140420-095747.jpgThey really don’t know how good they have it. Although, judging by the Cabury’s Creme Egg wrappers scattered around the living room, my daughter is going to be on a sugar high for most of the day. Enjoy the peace while it lasts cats; she’ll be coming for you.


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