Can Your Legs Fall Off If You Do Too Much?

It is starting to feel like that could be a possibility.

Last night I went to my second track event with the FastTracks running club. We did a set of warm up stretches (static and dynamic) and then did a repeat of last weeks track run; 10x 200m run with 200m jogging recovery. The last one was bumped to 400m but I bowed out on that. Nothing left in the tank.

The coach had made it clear to us that we should hold back while running the 200m until we reach about 75m or 100m and then ‘let it go’. No-one in the group appeared to listen but me, so this meant that I’d come steaming through from the back on every lap! Quite a feeling although it made me uncomfortable to have to call ‘track’ to get people to move out of the way. The only times I didn’t get through were when it wasn’t safe for the people in front to move (I would check this before calling). Also, as I mentioned, I bailed on racing the last lap as I was spent before the coach announced it would be a 400m effort. I pulled to lane 5 and just laughed out loud at him. Probably not the best decision, but that’s how I felt. I don’t respond well to coaches.

20140424-114824.jpgI am at the far left of the picture with the red headband. Lining up with the rest of Group 1. Yikes.

I also has a chance to discuss the uneven wear on my shoes and showed then to him. He wasn’t concerned about it and seemed to think if still be good for 300-500 miles. So I guess I’ll carry on and see. He did make a comment about why did I change my foot strike but that’s a topic for another discussion with him, I guess.

This morning I ran 6.2 miles with a pace of 8:15, so a little slow but not too surprising given last night’s shenanigans. It was beautiful out there but very cold at 39F. I ran in shorts and felt it the whole way. Brr.

I then had to ride my bike to work after dropping off my wife’s car for a service. I still have to get home too. Gaa.

Food. Water. More food. Hopefully that should help keep me motoring along.


2 thoughts on “Can Your Legs Fall Off If You Do Too Much?

  1. Jason

    200s are a great workout! It’s too bad other people didn’t listen to the coach – having to weave in and out on the track is the worst!

    1. pauldburton Post author

      I disagree. They didn’t listen and I got to win. ;-). When they were forced to run behind the coach for the first 75-100 they were super fast too.


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