Recovery Long Run

My wife is running the Philadelphia Broad St run on Sunday so that means my long run day is today. My legs feel like lead and I think I need to do some stretches and get ‘the stick’ out.

I ran 9.38 miles at the slow pace of 8:55 per mile. Very slow for me but it was an interesting and hilly route. I tried to keep away from the river trails as they were all badly flooded over the last couple of days. I wanted to run through my favourite park (Evansburg) and headed out that way on the most direct roads I could find. I saw a few runners out and a couple of cyclists too. Also, there was a game of Cricket being played in the park. Part of my route was along a new trail for me called the Moran trail. I think it was more a horse trail and at a couple of points it got really, really muddy. In trying to avoid the mud I got slashed by a some bushes which I didn’t notice for a little while. Pesky bushes. Now for a couple of days recovery from running.

Good luck to all those running Broad St tomorrow; it’s far too many people for me to be interested in going along.


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