Track Workout: The Timed Mile

At every track session I’ve been too (all four!) I have only ever heard the coach say: “run this x00 meters at your mile pace”. Everyone guessed their mile pace based on their 5k times but tonight he sprung the surprise of actually measuring a mile run.

One mile at 95-100% effort. No rests. No drinks. No easing up. No excuses. Just run it.

This is the first time I’ve done this as generally I’ve run 400 efforts and recoveries in my own track training, with my fastest 400m at a 5:15 pace.

I had run long last night and ridden my bike this morning so my legs were going into this workout tired and still a little worn from my marathon the other week. No excuses, didn’t I just say that? 🙂

I did a few laps to warm up and also helped the lacrosse team move their goals into place. Then did the recommended set of dynamic workouts. What a good student I am!

I setup my tap-a-lap app for four 400m laps and went for it. As you can see I was fairly consistent apart from the first lap being slightly too fast.

20140507-205759.jpgWe then had a rest and were told to run another set if 4x400meters with 200 recovery at that same pace. Phew! That’s crazy, man.

Any way, I tried to do this and here’s the results.

20140507-205953.jpgPretty good, huh? All within a few seconds of each other. Granted they are all a couple of seconds faster too, but that’s still within the realms of statistical error.

I’m pretty happy with this result except that my nike+ stopped tracking me during the rest period so I didn’t get credit for the complete distance. Ho hum, I suppose.

All in all another good track night.


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