Run Like You Mean It

After taking a day off on Thursday I went out fast for Friday AM. It has been a long time since I’ve run hard on a morning run and the track work on Wednesday’s has really highlighted that to me. I guess it is easy to fall into a groove of running gently or within comfortable bounds.

It was interesting going out hard from the start. I didn’t do a warm up and it took a little while for my limbs to ease into the run. Plus, the run I chose was a hilly route when compared with running on a track.

I was clearly running in a different way because there was a disagreement between my nike+ and mapmyrun numbers for pace and distance. Nike+ put me at 4.2 miles with a 7:07 pace and mapmyrun had 4.0 with a 7:32 pace.

I imagine that the truth lies somewhere between the two.

I shall continue to try to run hard over progressively longer distances. I think these are the benefits of doing the harder track workouts. 🙂


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