New Route: Chester Valley Trail extension

Recently they opened an extension to the Chester Valley Trail that now takes it very close to my office. I don’t tend to run from work very often so I hadn’t had a chance to check out the new section until today.

I had to swing by to pick up my laptop for tomorrow and seized the opportunity to do my Sunday run from that location. This meant running the first half mile or so on roads to get over to the trail but the roads in the business park are all but deserted on a Sunday morning.

Once on the new trail it was all plain sailing. The surface is in great condition and the route seems pretty flat. There are a few places where you have to cross roads but they have put in good crossings and markings, but they weren’t needed today as the roads were so quiet. At one point they put a bridge in over a major road (I remember the road work they did to achieve this so it is nice to reap the benefits from the previous traffic delays). This trail now connects up to some business parks and Penn Medicene school and then runs further, but I stopped at around the four mile mark today.

Some of the trail is directly beside Rt 202 and is quite noisy because of this. Even with Sunday traffic you wouldn’t call it relaxing. However, once you are away from that it is a pretty trail that runs by a few lakes (in business parks, so not natural lakes; man-made lakes… Cue a shameless link to my remix of Päl Waaktaar’s Manmade Lake track. Soundcloud).

I was quite fast today with 7.8 miles at 7:45 pace. I ran a few pick-ups between alternate telegraph poles along part of the route and that really helped with getting my pace up. I found that I didn’t slow down to the quite the same pace afterwards. You can clearly see where I started doing them.

20140511-121143.jpgIt was a beautiful morning for a run and the trail was quite busy with runners and cyclists, many if whom were riding without any helmet.


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