Gradually Getting Faster and a Race I Did Not Run

Sunday afternoon my daughter (who is 3.5) had a little 50 yard dash race as part of the Healthy Kids Running Series. This is always a lot of fun and I take photos for the guy who organized it. For the last week they have a parents one mile race at the start and I completely bailed on it. I had done a run earlier in the day but I didn’t want to compete against the others. They ran it in 7:01 for the winner and I know my mile time is faster than that. The event is supposed to be about the kids any way.

Today I went out fast for a longer distance and it seems to be working. After some dynamic stretches I hit the road for six miles at a pace of 7:36. Not too bad. Distance is getting longer and pace is improving. All good.

Would you run at your child’s race event?


One thought on “Gradually Getting Faster and a Race I Did Not Run

  1. 2 Cups 'N Run

    I would definitely give priority to my kids on an event like this.
    I might run the adults race under the right circumstances, if my husband was there to take care of the kids while I run, and if the race was short, so I wouldn’t be gone for long.
    There will always be other races I can run.


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