Wardrobe Malfunction.

After a few days off running due to a busy time at work and a much needed massage on Thursday, it was back on the streets today.

Today is National Bike to Work day. It seems that the weather didn’t get the memo about bike riding. It was a very stormy, wet and wild day so biking was out. I did however run as it was only dripping when I left… But four miles later the skies opened and the water pooled. Spray from trucks and buses had me soaked to the bone in no time, and I had another four miles to get back home. I couldn’t even run faster because my muscles were still sore from the massage session on the previous day.

To top it all of I suffered wardrobe malfunctions today. The elastic in my socks was pretty well gone when I put them on and within 2 miles they were falling down. Once they got wet there was no pulling then back up. Eventually they were soggy bands around the arches of my feet. I stopped twice to try and adjust them but I should have just taken them off for all the help they were.

By the time I got back I was thoroughly drenched and there was a towel waiting for me by the front door (thanks to my loving wife). My daughter greeted me with a big warm hug despite my being soaked.

8.2 miles @ 8:18 pace. Slower than recent runs but it was wet, windy and I ached, so in going to declare it a victory regardless. 🙂

The socks went straight in the bin and I am lunching today next door to a running shop so I sense new socks in my future. The previous pair were probably six years old and traditional cotton sports socks so I can’t complain too much. (Clearly I can).

I got a cool new app for editing photos the other day (Rookie) and have been looking for an excuse for using it. So here’s a quick shot of me running in the rain:

20140516-125705.jpgHow many others braved the storm this morning?


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